Show Time with Flipping Animations on Your Browser

Show Time with Flipping Animations on Your Browser

Are you tired of the same dull appearance of your browser? Want to make your browser's interface appearance stand out from your friends or colleagues? With their retro charm and distinctive ticking sound, Flip clocks have long been a favorite of design enthusiasts. Modern technology lets you quickly turn your browser into an online flip clock, bringing that classic look to your computer screen.

The process is simple, and several websites and browser extensions allow you to make your browser an online flip clock. This article will walk you through a complete guide on customizing your computer's browser with a Flip Clocker, a simple and minimalist clock screensaver to display and track time online.

Introduce Flip Clocker

Flip Clocker is a simple online clock app to display local time, convert time zone, and show the time of countries and cities worldwide. Users can turn their browser's interface into a classic clock wallpaper with flipping animations.

When you first visit the Flip Clocker website, you'll have various options to customize the display. Once you've selected your preferences, the Clock will start ticking, and you'll see the flipping animations in action. The flipping mechanism is designed to be smooth and precise, so you can rely on Flip Clocker to display the correct time accurately.

Flip Clocker Interface

Flip Clocker's interface features a sleek, minimalistic, aesthetically pleasing, and highly functional design. Its interface comprises two panels, including clock-style options and custom setting options.

Clock styles options:

In this panel, six main features allow you to choose from: a flip Clock, number clock, analog Clock, time zone, world time, and White Noise. The different clock styles will show other time display visuals. If you like a classic flipping clock, click Flip Clock. Or you can choose an analog clock where you will see the hands turning regularly on the Clock.

If you want to check other time zones, click "Time Zone." To know all cities or countries' current times, press the "World Time" button.

White Noise is another important feature of this flip Clock. It can help you create a more peaceful environment and focus on your tasks. This app provides more than ten kinds of white Noise, including bells, birdsong, and ocean waves, to calm you down.

  • Flip Clock - display time with classic flipping animations
  • Number Clock - show time using the Roman numerals, without animations.
  • Analog Clock - displays the time in a vintage and retro Clock style.
  • Time Zone - Convert the time zone according to your local time.
  • World Time - manage world time on one page without leaving the website.
  • White Noise - over ten beautiful sounds to calm you down.

Custom setting options:

The custom setting options menu is located at the bottom of the website. You can use six tools to adjust your Clock's appearance. To change the background color, click "Color." To apply a sound to the flip/analog Clock, click "Sound." You can also switch the time display between 12-hour and 24-hour modes. Click "Second" or "Date" to hide or display the seconds and date. The last but critical function is time reset. You can click this button to keep your time updated and make sure your time is always accurate.

  • Color - change the Clock's background color.
  • Sound - add sound to a flip or an analog clock.
  • 24/12 - two different formats of time display.
  • Second - show/hide seconds in the Clock.
  • Date - show/hide date info on the screen.
  • Reset - keep your time updated.

Benefits of turning your browser into a digital clock

Show Time with Flipping Animations 

Turning your browser into a digital flip clock app is a creative way to personalize your browser's interface. Flip Clocker has a lot of functions for you to customize the time display style. It offers several benefits and uses, both functional and aesthetic. Here are a few of them:

Time Management

Flip Clocker can help you manage your time better, primarily if you work remotely or with colleagues in different time zones. You can set the time zone to your local time or the time zone of your clients or colleagues, which can help you schedule meetings and appointments more effectively.

Aesthetic Appeal

Flip Clocker offers a unique and visually appealing way to display time. The flipping animations are mesmerizing and can add a touch of retro charm to your desktop or browser tab. Whether you're a fan of vintage decor or simply looking for a way to spruce up your computer screen, Flip Clocker can be an excellent choice.

Protect Your Privacy

A digital clock screensaver is an excellent way to protect your privacy while away from your computer. If you only leave your computer briefly but don't want to shut it down, you can now set your computer desktop as a clock screensaver. Anyone who walks by can't see what you were doing previously. That way, you keep your data secure and private.

Flip Clocker Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is Flip Clocker a free online flip clock?

Yes, Flip Clocker is a free flip clock app online. You can turn your browser into an animated clock screensaver without registration and payment. Flip Clocker website does not induce users to pay in any form or for any purpose. If you want a free clock app to customize your browser, this app is right for you.

2. How do I get a Flip Clock on my iPhone?

You can download the FlipClocker ios version from the app store to get a flip clock application on your iPhone. If your ios are 14.0 or higher, you can access the app without limitations. Once installed, you can make it a full-screen clock screensaver on your iPhone. With it, you can display time with animations and stay on schedule by using its countdown & timing services.

3. Is Flip Clocker safe for use?

Absolutely! Flip Clocker is a reliable and secure website that offers a hassle-free way to track local and world time. Notably, the platform doesn't require users to share personal information, making it an excellent option for privacy-conscious individuals. Additionally, all features on the site are available for free, and there's no need for registration to access them. Also, it doesn't require users to link their credit cards to the platform, thus ensuring that sensitive financial data remains safe. Feel free to use this safe time converter on your devices!


Flip Clocker is a free online flip clock application that allows you to display local time with animations, convert time across different time zones, and manage world time instantly. It is best for anyone who wants to turn their browser and computer into animated clock screensavers. More than just a timely reminder and converter, it also helps you to improve your sleep with its soothing white noises.

Don't hesitate to experience Flip Clocker and share your feedback with us!